Let’s Find Your Spark

My methods may be a bit unconventional, but to me that’s what life is all about. Explore. Experience. Grow wings. Outwardly. Inwardly. The sky is not the limit.

At Alley’s Loft you will find:

  • Jewelry, art, and accessories, all created with specific intentions. Each selection comes with an optional one-on-one consultation to determine your need and desire.
  • Crystals, stones, and the like. Whether you like to collect these amazing creations of nature, use them for energy work, or just feel like you need one, I choose the peices in my collection based on feel, distinctive growth patterns, coloration, and how they resonate.
  • We can currently hold a virtual consultation or session. I work in many mediums, including audio. I’d love to create a customized piece, commissioned, designed, and charged just for you.

We are still building, so please be patient.

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