Alley’s Loft – What’s Our Story?

The Alley’s Loft Story

From an early age I connected with the world through creativity. I was always painting or singing, writing stories or snapping photos, forming jewelry or designing fashion.

After persevering through illness, trauma, and what felt like endless injuries, I found myself, like so many others today, needing to reinvent my entire world.

Alley's Loft Story

Overwhelmed and feeling a little lost, I reflected via inner dialog with my five year old self. Whether I was premonishing or simplifying the unexplainable, somehow “little me” just seemed to know things. As we reflected, she reminded me of when my spirit rose like the flames of a blazing bonfire and when my light beamed through the darkness like a beacon. I recalled the days of having an indomitable self belief and how it blanketed me like colors cast when the sun shines through stained glass. It’s still there, something deep down inside, and it refuses to die out.

It was time to start reclaiming my power, writing my own rules, like I did when I was fearless. That’s when the Alley’s Loft story began. That’s what makes it unique.

By the way, that “something deep down inside”. That’s my spark, and that’s where our theme, #FuelYourSpark, came from.

Alley's Loft Story
Alley W. | Founder, Artist, Curator

Jewelry, Art, and Accessories

Fuel Your Spark™ with our quality hand-crafted jewelry, art, and accessories from Alley’s Loft. Sterling silver, gems, semi-precious stones, and more.

Crystals, Stones, and Fossils

Whether you’re a new collector, a frequent visitor to self imposed crystal jail (we know, it’s ok), or maybe you are trying your hand at energy work. When curating, I select peices based on feel, beauty, and how they resonate.

Just think of all the stories waiting to be written and healing waiting to be done. That is why we think you’ll find something waiting just for you in Alley’s Loft.