“Why”: Uncovering What’s Behind the Alley’s Loft Why

Uncovering What's Behind the Alley's Loft Why. "There is no grace in greed.", founder Alley's Loft.
“There is no grace in greed.” Founder, Alley’s Loft

The Shock

Recently, I was asked why (in their words) I don’t charge more at Alley’s Loft, “if the silver and stones are real.”

I hadn’t anticipated that type of reaction. Surprised, I found myself reassuring them that yes, the pieces they were looking at are real .925 sterling and the stones genuine. All the products stocked are listed with very transparent descriptions, so shoppers can feel confident in knowing exactly what they are paying for.

It wasn’t until later I thought to myself, I hadn’t answered the original question, “Why…?”. Why don’t I charge more? Justifiably I could. This exchange reminded me that, as always, the why is equally as important as the what.

This is Our Why

There was a time, not so long ago that I had to choose between groceries and medical appointments, paying a bill on time or a buying a gift for my children. I had a job. I worked a lot of hours in fact, but still that was the situation I was in. Week after week. It was a continual this, or that. Fresh fruit, or cough medicine. Drinking water, or shampoo. There was just not enough for both. I won’t forget that feeling.

We all live in this country and time of excess. The starlet, reality show, youtuber, insta lifestyle. But not everyone can afford that. Some can’t even afford just one really nice thing for themselves.

We want shoppers to feel like the pieces that make them happy, are attainable. So for me, it’s about helping someone find that specific stone or accessory that calls to them, that makes them feel good… something that fuels their spark… and then making it affordable. That’s our why.

Whether they are just looking for something sparkly, or something that makes them feel more themselves. An amulet for strength, a comfort piece, or something for a metaphysical purpose. I want Alley’s Loft to be a place they can be confident they will find it.

For me, helping, sharing happiness, being kind, understanding the struggles, that is important. Do I expect to get rich operating this way? Not really. But, maybe folks will like that I care. That is why I run my business as I do.

There is no grace in greed. But, when you share just a little bit of joy, it spreads like wildfire.