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Jewelry, Art, & Accessories

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Quality jewelry, art, and accessories created and/or curated with specific intention. Treat yourself. FUEL YOUR SPARK with confidence at Alley’s Loft.

Crystals, Stones, & More

Whether you like to collect these amazing bits of nature, use them for energy work, are a crystal addict, or just feel the need. I choose peices based on feel, beauty, and how they resonate. Shop Now / Learn More

Herbals, Teas, & More

Try the Alley’s Loft signature blends. Choose a tea that reflects your creative flair and personal taste. Let us demystify the ancient art of tea blending. We will even create a blend specifically intention set for you. Learn More.

Audio, Consults & Customs

MEDIA: Find featured music, audio recordings, videos and more on our Media page. Download, stream, or order mp3s. Music and stories make life better, so we make it easy for you to access ours.

CUSTOMS: I work in many mediums and would love to create something customized and intention charged just for you. Amulets, Inspiration Boxes, wire wrapping, relaxation audio, crystal art, resin, metal, photography, mixed media, and other specialized works. (This section is scheduled to launch soon, but feel free to DM me on Instagram to ask questions.) Learn more…

Why Alley’s Loft?

What makes Alley’s Loft so unique? It’s a window to a place few get to see. There is a part of me in everything here. The lightest of intentions, a touch of magic, and a bit of sparkle, those are my own personal secret ingredients.